Feed your Spirit
We Are
a growing community that supports and empowers each other in conscious decision making.

Lifestyle is not just an empty phrase. It is a pathway to better energy levels, sharper mental clarity, better health, better choices. But our choices impact not only ourselves. We believe the choices we make about how we live and consume, have a powerful impact on communities and global challenges. Lifestyle is a pathway to fulfilling lives and a balanced planet. Feed your spirit

In our Delis

Indulge yourself in sustainable food, bursting with flavour and nutrition. Feel inspired by our monthly changing, creative menu, celebrating vegetables. We have created a place to connect and to nourish yourself. We have created space for question marks, curiosity and excitement. Welcome to our deli.

At home

Experience the power of our food and philosophy at home. Freshly prepared, delicious, nourishing meals, treats & drinks delivered to your door. Whether you’re looking to kick-start conscious eating habits, are in need of support with your busy life, or want to treat yourself or someone else, our various packages will suit your needs. Bring ease and energy into your home.

At our events

Connect with yourself and your community on a deeper level. Feel truly part of your community, that supports and empowers each other in conscious decision making. Move with us in full joy and let yourself be guided in uniquely developed meditations. Sit front row in joyful cooking classes. Educate and empower yourself.
ÆNDRÈ transformed my relationship with food and myself. I feel better in my body, and became calmer once I learned how to trust my body, my journey, and myself. In addition to this I know that this food contributes to our environment and is aligned with my values