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Dear friends, a COVID update

We are one. And we have one big problem.

More than ever before I feel our mission: the pure will to support people with health and sustainability, creating delicious food, and connecting people. As an entrepreneur, feeling very responsible for a team, and dedicated to our  community, I decided, together with my team, to stay open again during winter lock down. To keep The Team  & The Deli alive and to support our neighbours with good food.

We transformed in a To Go Deli. You can order via order@aendre.de and pick it up yourself. Or you can choose to order via Lieferando so you can stay at home for lunch or dinner. You can also order our different packages for eating many meals & treats at home. We deliver them ourselves by bike in a 2 km radius from the Deli to start with. We don’t offer seating anymore and I would like to ask you to take your food home, and don’t use our terrace. As always we have a cards-only policy and I would like to ask you to take your responsibility and keep distance between you and the people around you.

Also in times of crisis, our food is seasonal, 100% Plant based, and made mostly of organic ingredients. These ingredients are sourced locally with the exception of some foods like nuts, coconut milk, coffee, banana’s & cacao. What we do with these foods is magic. Also called love. In times of crisis maybe even a bit more.

We constantly inform ourselves and make up our minds. We balance between many thoughts, responsibilities and actions. We do our best in this time where we are facing challenges we never experienced before and we would have never thought of. We do our very best to navigate based on ratio and gut feeling, with a positive spirit and energy.

Being together is at the core of what we do, so seeing an empty deli is sad. I am not super anxious, but I have to share my fears and mental solitude. The financial impact will be big for many of us. Also for us, in year 1. So I hope in these days, and in the days after, everyone will support us and all the local businesses around us, around you, as much as possible. But with semi-closing our door, we are not closing our hearts. We are more connected as ever before. I can only shift my energy and turn to gratitude and giving. Gratitude for the officials who are under heavy pressure making big decisions. Gratitude for the people in health care, who are taking care and trying to keep the system up and running. Gratitude for seeing and feeling that, online & offline, there is so much support for the small communities. And, giving love to the people around me, to the people who are anxious for their health and the health of their loves ones.

We encourage YOU to live and eat healthy, stay sane and take care of you and the people around you. If you stay home, if you go out, think about where your energy goes and what kind of energy you radiate. We encourage everyone to take their responsibility in their best way, in their circle of influence. In situations where we can’t control what is happening, let us together control how we react. Inform ourselves, act out of ratio, love and gratitude. After this crisis we will, again, feel an astonishing power and energy to rebuild, reconnect and relive.

Vibrate love, because we are ONE and we have ONE big problem.

Lots of love,

Janine & The Team

Let food by thy medicine and medicine be thy food. - Hippocrates


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