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Twice a week we get beautiful local vegetables from this female led new company in Hamburg. Direct from the farm, in our kitchen, to your plate. This company is breaking the status quo with their transparency and sustainable way of working. The quality is unbeatable and driving our creativity in the kitchen. We are very grateful for the personal connection we have.

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Sinikka harms ceramics

Since we met, it was crystal clear for us we want to work with the beautiful ceramics of Sinikka. She is doing pottery since 2013. She started creating to find peace in theoretical times, in a studio in Hamburg, but now lives on the country side in the beautiful Luneburg heath. Most of the time she is throwing, building and dreaming. And somewhere in this time she creating our ceramics. Coffee, porridges, stews, everything tastes a thousand times better in her creations. It gives the food and the concept of eating an extra grounding effect. Every piece is handmade and one of a kind, driving us to create the best food with the best looks.


UWE is the first German non-alcoholic craft beer brand. Brewed and crafted according to the German ‘Reinheitsgebot’ (purity law). They use an innovative new brewer’s yeast that ferments the beer without the creation of alcohol. So the final product is unfiltered and none of the taste is lost to distillation. It’s tastier than most beers with alcohol….

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GREll naturkost

Grell Naturkost is our organic supplier of so many things. Think vegetables, fruits, toiletpaper, miso, apple juice, seeds, nuts and so on. We are very grateful for their superb range of organic goods. That is something they build up over the years. Already in 1818 the roots of Grell Naturkost were grounded. Since then, they invested in the organic movement and lived social responsibility. They contributed hugely to the availability of organic products in Northern Germany.


Braumeister & Beer sommelier Friedrich Carl Richard Matthies, also known as Fiete is originally from Hamburg-Finkenwerder. Since 2014 he is brewing beer with the support of his wife and brother. For his beer he uses organic hop, malted barley, yeast and water. All organic and made with 100% regenerative energy from Greenpeace Energy. We are proud servers.

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Tempeh copy


With our Dutch roots, and plant based lifestyle we HAVE to work with tempeh. Tempeh is a traditional Indonesian delicacy, made from fermented beans. Our tempeh is made of organic lupin beans from Germany instead of soy. We outsourced this expertise to Markus and Stephanie Schnappinger from the Tempeh Manufaktur in Allgäu. Since 20 years they dived deep into the knowledge and artisanal craft and we are grateful for cooking with their products.


Most of the drinks we brew ourselves. BUT, for mate we turn towards ChariTea. Founded in Hamburg, independently operating to make a change, contributing to many cooperatives and plantations around the world. Their Mate is the best. If you want to shake things up a bit, and we do, sometimes you need an invigorating boost. They have brewed up something that will wake you up better than any espresso. It’s got plenty of natural caffeine, and comes with a heady dose of Argentinian passion. That is where it is organically grown after which it is fairly traded to Hamburg.

Charitea MDW


When most of the Hamburgers are still asleep, the market men & women are selling & buying at the Hamburger Grossmarkt. The green heart of Hamburg where all the flowers, vegetables & fruits are coming together and leave again to spread across the city. Ramazan is gathering the best quality vegetables for us and brings it immediately to the deli.


This photo is a gathering of our little coffee chain. The grower, the importer & roaster in one, and the barista’s. All making the best of this special bean that is connecting so many humans. Every single day. Our coffee comes from Sierra Nevada Di Santa Maria, Colombia. The Arhuacos are the people growing the coffee in the shadows of the trees, 1200-1700 high, biodynamic, in their own spiritual way. Brought to Hamburg & roasted by Black Delight.

It’s the perfect match with our plantbased milks because of the deep cacao taste and notes of green apple, keeping it fruity. We are the proud, caring brewers of this special bean. Critical and grateful drinkers. And happy servers, every single day.

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Brot MDW


Since 1889 organic bakery Springer is baking for Hamburg. The way they create their sourdough breads is exceptional. Up to 24 hours of fermentation, to create optimal digestion and taste. We are very happy to call them neighbours and eat and serve their bread every day.


We do natural wine. From Germany. Delivered by our friends Die Weinbagaluten, around the corner.  Natural Wine is farmed organically (biodynamically, using permaculture or the like) and made, or better said; transformed, without adding or removing anything. No additives or processing aids are used, and ‘intervention’ in the naturally occurring fermentation process is kept to a minimum. Together we curate our small wine menu that match perfectly with our plant based foods.

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