My name is Janine and I wrote this vision to visualise and create a positive impact. This vision, being abstract is made real in ÆNDRÈ. My heart project and vehicle to create change.

Everyday we have to share this planet with more people, we need to think about the allocation of resources. In this ever growing economy, where technology is becoming more prevalent as ever before, connection between people is important as never before. We face huge climate, health and food system challenges. We have to take care. For each other, for our food, for our farmers and for our animals, for our planet. 

We have this vision of farmers and makers who feel seen and respected. We have this vision of a healthy community. Where people feel good in their bodies and take care of their children and loved ones.  We have this vision of a healthy, sustainable working climate. Where teams have lunch together, sharing experiences and creating ideas. Learning about each other, about food and cultures. We have this vision of diverse communities where people can be themselves and bring the richness and recipes of their own culture. 


We are aiming at making our community and workforce healthy, conscious & connected. We are a critical link between growers, makers and the consumers of our beautiful food. We feel responsible to protect the future of real food. Committed to support passionate & local small makers and growers, who are producing sustainably. Forming genuine, long term relationships. Our inspiration is worldly because we want to work for integration. We roll with the seasons. In our kitchen, we prepare real food from scratch. Creating transparency around what is in your food and where it came from. We don’t do shit. And it’s 100% plant based, the kind of menu Mama Nature deserves. This is not about image, this is who we are and it permeates everything we do. It’s exciting and engaging and we wouldn’t have it any other way. 


We believe that the choices we make about where our food comes from, how it’s prepared and eaten have a direct and powerful impact on the health of individuals, business and the environment. Food truly is a language on its own, it can open doors and has the ability to connect. We believe in the power of culture and are trying to create synergies out of it. We believe in the power of the shared table - for the everyday and the celebrations of life - a place where conversations illuminate and ideas are born. The foundation of sustainable and thriving communities.


It is our mission to provide a unique food experience. To inspire. Our food is pure, healthy and inspired by the cultures of the world. We will strive for reasonable prices and organic food. We will be mindful with the wellbeing of our customers, partners and staff - treating each and everyone with dignity and respect. At ÆNDRÈ we will work together. With different nationalities. With different backgrounds. With different ways of working. We are one. We will create an inspiring place where food, art and events stimulate conscious living and conversation, a place to connect. A space for exploration and for question marks. For excitement and curiosity. With gratitude and generosity.. We are devoting our time to learn about the wonderful world of food and spread the stories behind. Because we believe that when you know the story, you will gain awareness & love for it. 


Our core values embody our culture, spirit and dedication to doing what’s right. They keep us aligned and help us make decisions about everything from the food we serve to the way we design and how we treat each other. 

Our company  is conscious.
That means that our food:

  • Is healthy & delicious.
  • Is always with the best quality.
  • Is 100 % plant based & free from refined sugars and all questionable additives.
  • Rolls with the seasons, so very local
  • Is inspired by local produce & recipes in combination with worldly health wisdom
  • Is organic where possible
  • Is having the right price for everyone involved
  • Celebrates life
  • Will  not be wasted

Our Higher Values

  • Healthy people - healthy planet
  • Cross-Cultural & Connecting
  • Conscious & curious
  • Learn & inspire 
  • Balance & gratitude 

Eat the change you want to see in the world.

We handle our pillars equally. Values and believes in food are often opposite to each other. We seek the balance as good as we can. We are guided by stories, traditions, relationships and sustainability. We have teamed up with the best partner: Mama Nature. By doing this we respect cultures and natures balance. That means; we combine Altes Land apples with Lebanese Tahini. We want to blend the best of Hamburg region with the richness of wisdom and taste of distant cultures. What we can find fresh here in Germany, we buy here from known partners. Spices & dried goods can come from far. What we can do organic, we buy organic, with respect to nature’s traditions and health. But we are not restricted by labels and certifications. We connect real people with real food. But a conscious company goes further. In all our decisions we try to make the right one. We minimise plastic. We don’t do food waste. We work circular.  And we are kind. 

Changing the food game.

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