Do you want to get in touch with us? We’d love to hear from you. Just find your perfect medium and come in contact.

You can always visit The Deli

Lehmweg 31

20251 Hamburg


If you want to send us an email, say hi@aendre.de

Or give us a call: 0049 40 36941522

For catering inquires: hi@aendre.de 

Besides visiting us online or in The Deli you can join our newsletter. We don’t do spam or an overload of information, but we will send you relevant information as we feel we need to.


Most of the time we are looking for human beings with the will to work hard with us on this journey of hospitality, sustainability and taste. Are you looking for something new on your path? We are looking for human beings who share our values and want to build up the planted seeds. Contact us to see where we match. We can’t wait to grow together.

But think twice. No position at ÆNDRÈ is about the status quo. We work hard. Very precise. Every team member is driven to create uniqueness. Giving the best service. Every team member is kind in essence and values honesty. Every team member is passionate about building a rooted company, creating a positive impact, working hard for change. We work together, with our hearts. No one tells you what to do after you learned everything. We work with respect for everyone. We work together. With lots of laughter. Lots of good food. Lots of good coffees.

We just can’t wait to meet you.. the floor is ready to carry us and lift us up, the walls are just here to be pushed away.